Novomtex is a service-oriented company dedicated to providing exceptional support and comprehensive solutions for your textile sourcing needs in Turkey.

Finding manufacturer base on the samples.

With our expertise and extensive network, we specialize in assisting you in identifying suitable manufacturers based on your samples.

Following trends, creating collection and search for new opportunities

Novomtex offers comprehensive services for trend tracking, collection development, and exploring new opportunities in the fashion industry.

Quality controls and logistic processes.

Novomtex provides extensive services in quality control and logistics to ensure the smooth and efficient management of your supply chain.

Brand identity acquisition

As part of our commitment to excellence, we also focus on helping our clients establish a strong brand identity that reflects their values ​​and resonates with their target market.

Creating a collection

Novomtex is your trusted partner when it comes to collection development. We understand that creating a compelling and commercially successful collection is crucial for your brand's success.


Novomtex is your trusted partner in the textile industry for several reasons:

By choosing Novomtex as your partner, you gain access to our expertise, network, and commitment to quality. We are driven by our passion for textiles and our desire to exceed client expectations. With Novomtex, you can trust in our ability to deliver reliable, high-quality solutions that help you succeed in the dynamic world of textiles.

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in the textile sector, Novomtex possesses deep expertise and knowledge.

Extensive Network

We have built an extensive network of reliable suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers in the textile industry.

Transparency and Communication

Novomtex believes in transparent and open communication with our clients.